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Marketing Activation

Stand up or stand down? When to act on social issues.

Brand leaders Nike, Ben & Jerry’s, and Apple know, that you’ll likely attract more brand advocates than you lose, as long as your actions are authentic to your brand. When it comes to brands and social issues, don’t fear controversy, fear inauthenticity.

Budgeting for Marketing Starts with Business Objectives

Business objectives are what dictate marketing strategy. From deciding what to say and who to say it to, to how it should be said and where. If you don’t start with business results in mind, you can end up setting a marketing budget based on what media costs, rather than what you NEED to spend.

Takeaways from Digital Summit 2021

Email is (still) effective and more valuable than ever. The key to creating great content is consuming it, and if you want to be noteworthy, do something worth noting.

Demand Generation is More than Paid Media

Demand Generation is so much more than Paid Media, and having an optimized mix of Paid, Owned, Earned, and Shared channel types in your Demand Generation MarComm plan will result in stronger efficiencies and ROI overall.