Partners in Crime

Coconspirator was born from agency people. We have nearly 60 years of combined agency experience with many of those years in leadership roles.

We understand the challenges agency leaders face and what it takes to make them successful. We also understand that often times the internal structure and culture can obscure opportunities and that’s where our objective insights can play a role and win business.



Strategy Sprints

From new business to new campaigns, we can ensure your work leads with strategy through specialized expertise.


Staff Augmentation & Pitch Support

We can support your in-house teams through staffing shortages or resource-intensive pitches and research cycles.

About Agency Services

Coconspirator is not an agency, but we do work with them

We believe in collaboration over competition. There is more than enough work out there and we can do more of it together. So we partner with advertising agencies and marketing firms on a variety of projects to help them make a positive impact on their clients and grow their businesses.

We see agencies as brands too. When we help them grow we are creating a prosperous and sustainable future for generations of talented marketers.

Coconspirator Marketing Strategy

Research & Strategy

We have deep experience in research, brand positioning and creative strategy to support account needs.

Coconspirator Marketing Strategy

Agency Consulting

We bring a fresh perspective on agency case studies, structure, culture and operations, to help keep them competitive.

Coconspirator Marketing Strategy

New Business Partner

We know agencies thrive on new business opportunities so we bring some of those along with us too.


What People Are Saying

Coconspirator’s input and insights are always foundational to the work we are able to do, I’m so grateful for their partnership. Thank you for making us look so good every time.

Annette Sally

President, Blue Sky Agency

The Coconspirator team has proven time and again to be an invaluable sounding board to develop messaging that clearly and concisely conveys big ideas. We're fortunate that they are part of the Synapse movement, committed to strengthening both our organization and the innovation community.  

Lauren Prager

CSO, Synapse Florida

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