Case Study – AGW Capital Advisors

Putting a Spotlight on the Brand’s “Why”

AGW Capital Advisors, one of Tampa Bay’s top investment management firms, had a distinct culture and business approach, but its brand story and assets lacked the humanity and personality that made the firm special.

Brand Strategy and Positioning for AGW Capital

Brand Positioning & Strategy

In a category that loves to talk about what they do, we wanted to shift the focus to why we do it. We studied the category and had in-depth discussions with leaders, employees, clients, and board members to understand what was at the heart of the AGW brand and its success.

And as we profiled AGW’s target audiences, it became clear that the firm had an uncommon commitment to the people it served, in contrast to the uncertainty and mistrust typical to investments. This led to a renewed brand purpose, promise, and persona, expressed through our brand concept: “Invested in people.”

AGW Capital Branding

AGW Capital Advisors Branding

A new logo and brand style guide gave AGW’s traditional look a sleek and modern upgrade, matching the sophistication of its business and clientele and setting the brand apart in a category full of corporate colors and fonts. Even presentation templates delivered confidence and credibility through consistent and thoughtful design.

AGW Capital Website Redesign

AGW Capital Advisors Website

A complete website refresh brought the story to life, with people front and center, a clear path to relevant content for different audience segments, and the brand’s “why” guiding the messaging.

AGW Social Media
AGW Social Media
AGW Social Media

AGW Capital Advisors Social Media

A key focus of our activation plan was to build a presence on LinkedIn, to meet our target where they were spending time, with content that felt personal and aligned with our positioning. A robust content calendar allowed us to reinforce our proactivity and knowledge in the space, amplify our team’s voices, and give potential employes and clients a glimpse into AGW’s culture.

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