Case Study – MetroLagoons

Letting Consumer Benefits Drive an Experience

MetroLagoons had the potential to be Central Florida’s most unique way to beat the heat with friends and family, despite being an hour or more from the nearest coastline. Each lagoon offered acres of crystal clear water, lined with sand and exciting ways to enjoy it. But with more than a dozen new locations on the horizon, the brand needed a compelling story and platform to attract visitors to the brand.

Coconspirator was engaged to articulate this story and bring it to life through a new digital experience. We gathered insights from business, consumer, and stakeholder research to define brand pillars and an authentic voice that harnessed the true benefit and experience of visiting MetroLagoons. A day at MetroLagoons was fun and carefree, with all the amenities and none of the hassles of going to the beach. This led to our brand platform: “Day, Made,” speaking to the joy and possibility of architecting a day made for you at MetroLagoons.

MetroLagoons Website Before Redesign

MetroLagoons website prior to implementation of the new brand story and redesign of the site. 

We focused on two primary audiences, to focus the brand opportunity and ensure our messaging would speak to distinct motivations and behaviors. These personas were leveraged across a new website architecture and design, that improved the user experience while telling the MetroLagoons story.

Collaboration with the MetroLagoons team was paramount to bringing the new story and experience through every touchpoint. The new site was launched ahead of schedule, and used to facilitate a MetroLagoons Grand Opening ahead of the 2022 season. And in just a few months, April 2022 page views were up 97% over the year prior.

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