Case Study – Connected City

How do you establish brand presence for a community in progress?

How do you establish brand presence for a community in progress?
The Metro Development team needed to firmly establish a brand presence and a sense of place for the Connected City project to promote and market this “master plan” real estate development that incorporates innovation infrastructure to attract companies and talent to Pasco County.   


Beginning with audience and messaging, a strategy was a natural place to start for an emerging community brand. With clear target personas and a messaging platform, we could organize and focus a nebulous brand comprised of many complex elements. 

Connected City Brand Positioning

Articulating the brand pillers and target audience allowed us to move into the primary phase of the project with a solid strategy driving a consistent brand message. 

Connected City Website Design

While the brand name was moderately well known around Pasco County’s business and municipal leaders, the identity was still in its infancy, so we developed a simple logotype design system led by the website design process.

Ampersand Website Design-Build

We believe that showing is more valuable than telling. While the Connected City story was compelling, we wanted to provide the Metro Development Group with a tool to show progress and opportunities. The interactive Connected City map grows in features and content as the development takes shape.

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